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Seshaat, Inc.

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Our company continues to grow and is seeking new team members who will ensure that we can respond to new opportunities and challenges. If you want to become a part of a growing company that is driven by setting new standards in innovation, please review the available opportunities - Click Here. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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To provide the ultimate platform for experienced, talented engineering and business consultants who collaborate


to creatively exercise and grow their technical expertise

to leverage their wealth of business and industry acumen

to implement forward thinking solutions

to use technology to resolve business challenges

to realize professional and financial rewards on par with their abilities

In order to support our Engineering platform we need a growing team of talented resources including CEO/CFO/CTO Executives, Account Directors, Technical Program Managers.


Nearly all of our employees start out as consultants for Seshaat. Our best team members and leaders are groomed directly from our pool of consultants - typically over skilled, "Type A", independent thinkers who are detail oriented but have the ability to "see the big picture". It is in fact more important to understand WHY we do what we do, as supposed to only understanding WHAT we are doing. How else can one pivot midstream and still maintain the long-term goal? As consultants on behalf of our clients this along with CARING about what we do, are prerequisites for success - and therefore success within our organization.


More than 85% of our company is made up of ambitious, entrepreneurial, independent consultants who made the decision to call Seshaat their home. Our law firm-based partnership model allows our employees to build upon their expertise and very often flex new skills within the exciting programs of our direct client base. Our clients depend on Seshaat to continuously innovate and to provide for - the practical application of cutting edge technologies in order to achieve greater business efficiency and competitiveness.

What skills and experience are we HOT for? - Click Here for available opportunities.


Open Source Networking Gurus, Blockchain Technology Architects, SDN, Big Data Architecture, Enterprise Automation, Optical Packet Switching, Ultra Low Latency Infrastructure for Algo Trading, State-of-the-Art Dark Fiber WDM Networks, Enterprise Cloud Architecture & Delivery, Global Project Management, Cloud tools and frameworks, IT as a Service, IT Roadmap, CTO Advisory, ITIL Service Desk & Automation.

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