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Our consultants have a wealth of experience in understanding how to introduce positively disruptive technologies within the Enterprise environment. Thru every phase in the lifecycle of a technology deployment - from Return-on-Investment analysis, to execution and enterprise culture adoption - Seshaat has seasoned business acumen and technical expertise to make cutting edge IT solutions come to life.




Seshaat helps drive the practical adoption of cutting edge IT for our clients. We deliver 
innovative business solutions leveraging  transformative information technologies such as Cloud, 
Big Data Architecture, Fiber-Optic Communications, Optical Wireless Communications, as well as 
the latest advances in Network Infrastructure including support for Virtual & Grid Computing, 
High Frequency & Low Latency Trading solutions. 

Seshaat Solutions Architects understand how to introduce and integrate cutting edge technologies within an enterprise environment. This is the Seshaat difference. Understanding the challenges and resistance towards positively disruptive changes to "how things are done" - is key to success.

Having the technical as well as political savvy to understand how to persuad various stakeholders in order to reach the desired goal - is key to success. In fact both of these keys are nearly as important as the cutting edge technology itself. They are prerequisites for a successful implementation within an established enterprise. 

Seshaat is also a growing leader within the IT staffing industry. Leveraging the recruiting machine that Seshaat developed for it's own in house needs and direct client projects - Seshaat has been able to provide its staffing clients with the same level of high-caliber professional talent with speed to market and quality at the best market rate. Seshaat long ago embraced the model which has become known as  CrowdStaffing (learn about the Crowdstaffing model from the industry recognized creator - Zenith Talent CEO - Sunil Baga) - as the logical evolution for recruiting in order to ensure quality candidates for it's own internal staffing. Having an entreprenueral recruiting arm - and a successful High-End Technology Consulting practice - has provided the unique framework to be a highly successful performer in many of our MSP partnerships, and has given us the expertise to support the Top 10 MSP firms, the Top 10 VMS firms, and many Fortune 500 companies.

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